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Healthier & Shinier Hair
Did you know that heat styling breaks the hair's disulphide and hydrogen bonds, resulting in dullness?

For softer, shinier curls, look no further than our heatless curler. Create endless hairstyles, from beach waves to loose curls without the heat damage!

Real Customers, Real Results!

As someone with thick hair, i used to hate curling it in the morning cos it takes so long. This heatless curler saved me so much time, plus it’s so quick and easy to use. I got to sleep in a little bit longer.

Brianna V.

My wife and daughter love their Valentine’s Day gifts. My daughter loves using it very often, being a dad it’s super easy for dad to use. We get some wonderful bonding time.

Josh G.

LOVE!!! Probably the best money I ever spent on a hair product. Perfect curls that last long time, with no heat damage on my hair! Highly recommend!

Skyler T.

So easy to use and gosh those curls looked perfect! They truly lasted longer than when I use a curling iron.

Fabiana C.

I'm still shocked at how well this works! It doesn't make sense using damaging hot tools that take forever to achieve curls, when I can apply these in minutes and have ZERO heat applied to my hair.

Sandra Y.

11/10! I was skeptical with my medium hair length, because most models had longer hair. This worked so well, and even with my layers!

Avery M.

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